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Creative Inspiration

Look for creative inspiration as you go along your daily routine. 

I am sitting here right now watching Olympic short track speed skating and taking photos of creative elements on the uniforms. 

Rob David
Create White Space in Your Instagram Post

Raise your hand if you appreciate long blocks of copy broken up with white space. Good, we do to. Here are some tips for how you can do this in Instagram.

  1. iOS users - Open your NOTES app. Compose your post there with line breaks. Copy and paste the text to your Instagram post. Note, if you go back and edit your post, the breaks will disappear.
  2. Android users - Just use the return button on your keyboard as you compose directly in Instagram.
  3. Here's a pro-tip - Compose your note in a separate app. Use a "." to create line breaks after your main copy to separate your hashtags (which can be saved in your note for future use). Copy and paste your text into your Instagram post.

Have any questions, send us an email, we'll walk you through it.

Rob David
Super Bowl, Super Ads

I love football. I prefer college to pro, but during the NFL Playoffs, I get sucked in.

As a marketer, during the big game I'm watching the commercials as much as the plays.

If you follow me on twitter (@robmd21), you'll see me tweet my first takes of each commercial. If you want to see them all together I've made it easy with this Twitter hashtag search for #RobSBAdQuickTake.

Rob David
Well played Bud Light. Dilly Dilly!

The Dilly Dilly campaign from Bud Light is brilliant. What's more brilliant is how they handled a craft brewer who made a Dilly Dilly IPA.

Check out this story from Adweek. AB InBev used this opportunity to play out the story line and created viral buzz.

Rob David
Something New

We've advised so many clients to capture their thoughts and share them in a blog, yet we’ve not done the same.

So here's to eating our own cooking in 2018!

Rob David