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Mall Parking
 Photo: Historic Vehicle Association

Photo: Historic Vehicle Association

 Photo: Historic Vehicle Association

Photo: Historic Vehicle Association

I am very fortunate to get to do what I do. Help companies and organizations (large and small) with their digital marketing and event production. Last week is one of my favorite of the year being on-the-ground in Washington DC for Shell & Pennzoil. They are partners with the Historic Vehicle Association who puts on Cars at the Capital. This year a total of five vehicles are on display at the National Mall.

In order left to right:

  • 1984 Plymouth Voyager (The first Chrysler minivan)
  • 1927 Ford Model T Touring (The Fifteen-Millionth Ford)
  • 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback (Bullitt '559)
  • 1918 Cadillac Type 57 (US 1257X)
  • 1985 Modena Spyder California (Ferris Bueller's Day Off "Ferrari")

The work that HVA does to "promote the cultural and historical significance of the automobile" is amazing. This was my third year to be part of this great exhibition and I look forward to what HVA has in store next year.

Rob David
Worth your PreCheck

As is my daily routine, I consume quite a bit of information about the digital landscape. Recently I came across an article highlighting the Transportation Security Administration's Instagram account. I quickly grabbed my phone, searched, and started looking over their recent posts.

Before you do anything else today, do yourself a favor an check them out (@tsa). This team is doing a great job of creating engaging content.



Rob David
Time Is A Choice

Time is probably one of the most complained about topics. “I don’t have time.” “I didn’t have time.” “There wasn’t enough time.” “We ran out of time.” It is easier to blame time them blame ourselves. Time has become a crutch. In order to see progress, find success, and make a difference, you have to stop using that crutch.

You make time for what matters.

Harsh yet true. If it matters to you, you make time for it. That’s life, and that’s okay. But sometimes you have to realize that in order to adjust your schedule and priorities to get the results you’re wanting. You have 24 hours in a day. Every single day. Every year. It doesn’t change. Time is constant but how you utilize that time is variable.

Time is one of the most vital parts of marketing. You need time to create. Time to strategize. Time for approval. Time to roll out. A lot times these factors hinge on other people, but that’s why it is important to build out processes with substantial lead out times. Set the standard and keep it. By setting this standard, it will become the new norm. It will become the expectation to be thinking about your summer marketing campaign in February - March.

You can’t expect to innovate overnight. Brainstorming often doesn’t get as much time as it needs because people are in a rush. Instead schedule time every day to create. By doing so, you are building an arsenal of creative ideas, so in those inevitable rush predicaments you have valuable ideas to utilize. Ideas that are seamless on all platforms are perfected and thought out. This takes time.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself more time.

Set yourself up for the win by giving yourself time to do what you need to do.

Stefani David
Hope City Easter

We had the privilege of being part of Hope City's "Easter at the Berry Center". I assisted on the production side while Stef was involved on the lead-up creative and in broadcast during the weekend.


Rob David