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Seat At The Table

People talk about having a seat at the table. They talk about the accomplishment it would be to sit at the table with the best of the best. The desire to sit and collaborate amongst the smartest, wisest leaders and be able to pick their brain and learn from them is sought after. However, it seems to be followed with phrasing about how they earned that seat at the table, so they actually deserve to be there. None of these goals or ambitions are necessarily wrong. The idea that you have worked hard enough or someone saw enough potential in you to give you a seat at the table is not something to take lightly. It is an honor. It is something that you should cherish and protect and use to grow as a person and in your craft. You should absolutely use this opportunity to learn everything you can and soak up all the knowledge you can from sitting at the table.

But I want to challenge you to think a little deeper about your table. What does your table look like? Are you the smartest one at the table? Is there anyone at the table that is “better” than you? Do they know more? Do they bring a different perspective? Is your table full of “yes” people? If you are the smartest one at the table, you need to find a new table. It doesn’t mean you are growing just because you’re the best one at the table. It’s okay to have different tables. It’s okay to be a leader and mentor to others. However, if your table is full of people that follow and aren’t challenging you or pushing you to your creative limits, what is the point of the table?

Your table should motivate you to be better. They should push you to push yourself. You want to be continuously improving. You can’t improve if nobody around you encourages growth. Evaluate your table. See who you surround yourself with. Think closely about it. Your table could be the element that is hindering your organization. It’s not a bad thing to switch up the players. It’s not a bad thing to analyze who is influencing you and make a change. That’s part of life.

Stefani David