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Limiting Yourself

Do you realize that sometimes you disqualify yourself and your abilities before you even begin? This happens in business too. You assume your organization won’t be able to have that growth or reach that audience. It’s often done subconsciously. You don’t purposely limit yourself. You just don’t attempt things that may seem too risky or too far out of your reach. When you do this, you are only hurting yourself. With any organization, there will be risk. However, by disqualifying yourself or your organization, cripples your ability and your organization’s ability. So, I encourage you that before you say no or think something won’t work, clear your head and really think about what your goal is and what the best way to reach that goal is. Try something new and out of the ordinary. Be open to different ideas and different strategies because in those moments, there is creative growth and exploration that is beneficial despite the success.

Success does not define knowledge. We limit ourselves by making everything about the success. It is a great gauge. It is the way to measure what’s effective, what’s detrimental, where improvements need to be made; however, it isn’t the final word in situations. It doesn’t define your knowledge. When you “fail” or something doesn’t work, do you learn from it? You absolutely should. In those moments where you are having to try again and again and again to figure out how to make something work, you are gaining so much knowledge and endurance for the task of creating. This is an impeccable opportunity that you should never take lightly. It is in these moments that you really grow. Your organization benefits. Your team benefits. You reach new levels because you spend the time failing. If you only succeed, you won’t grow. You will get stuck in your ways. You will have a false confidence. Success is something that limits people and organizations in actuality.

Before you disqualify yourself and before you think your success is enough, think about your efforts. Think about your strategy. Think about how to improve. Think about innovating and new approaches. Always be reaching to improve.

Stefani David