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Establishing Your Voice | Part 1

Building a successful brand isn't dependent on the product or service. It's dependent on your brand's voice. In fact, one of the key principles in building a brand with longevity and success is establishing your brand's voice. Words are extremely powerful. They live and linger. They amplify a graphic; they communicate a message; they give life to brands. Without words, everything falls short. The inconsistent brand experience is becoming more common as organizations and markets grow. Too many things being said and relayed on different platforms. Consistency is what makes brands become household names. A clear voice is essential to gain the traction, engagement, financial growth brands desire.

You may be asking yourself an array of questions. What is a brand's voice? How do I establish a voice? Does my brand already have a voice? Why does this even matter? All of these will be addressed in our blogs, so stay tuned. A brand's voice is the purposeful, consistent expression of a brand through words and prose styles that engage and motivate. Yes, words. You need them. The voice of a brand is revealed in the tone of communication and writing style. This voice, once established, permeates all platforms to stay consistent. Marketing strategy, social media posts, email campaigns - all fall in line with the brand's voice. This eliminates sloppy marketing that is all over the place and too "extra" in the worst way. Establish your brand's voice first. Then, you can tackle the rest.

It is important to be authentic. Genuine. Real. You have to be true to your brand and the people behind your brand (founders, employees, etc.) If you can't sell the brand to yourself or your employees, you won't be able to sell it to strangers. Don't try to be something you aren't. Finding your niche in the market will be much easier once you've established your unique voice, don't worry.

Stefani David