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Gold Medal for Interbrand | PyeongChang 2018

Photo:  Interbrand

Photo: Interbrand

Branding at the Olympic Games has come a long way. The 2018 games has some of the best branding integration that I've seen at any sporting event. Of course, the size and length of this live event is a contributing factor (multiple venues, indoor, outdoor, and over two weeks of events). Today, I came across this article that explains how Interbrand pulled it off.

I venture to say none of us will have the need (or budget) for such extensive branding. Hopefully you were able to grab some inspiration and look to see how you can incorporate similar thinking into future projects. It may be a new location you are launching or a special event you are planning. I love the clean and simple look of the PyeongChang 2018 games and when it comes to visual elements like banners, scrims, flags, etc., a clean look is vitally important.

Rob David