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Relevant: A Powerful Word

Be relevant. Easily said and easily done.

It seems that more and more people lack the ability to be relevant. It seems like a confounding situation because it should be easy.

We all know what relevant means, and you now – it means the same thing when you relate it to digital platforms.

  • Being relevant helps establish a relationship with your audience because it makes your brand relatable.
  • Being relevant means currents events and trends matter. Being relevant means day to day routines and activities matter.
  • Being relevant means everything matters.

For example, during the Olympics a social media post or blog post referencing the Olympics and tying it back into your specific brand’s product or service would have been relevant.

Ever seen a brand post a picture of cup of coffee and their product in the background? This is relevant. People like coffee; some people “need” coffee and associating this like/need with a brand makes that brand relatable thus keeping the brand relevant.

Think about the common terminology and what people can relate to when creating content. Weather matters; holidays matter; seasons matter; it all matters.

Do you get it?

The opposite here is just as vital. If there are controversial topics that initiate heated conversations, maybe avoid them. Understanding where society is at helps your brand be relevant because it is wise to be sensitive to some situations.

For example, if a natural disaster hit, you would make sure your language and graphics on your digital platforms didn’t emphasize the disaster.

Just one more example. Look to the top of this article at the second sentence I wrote. You know the phrase, easier said than done. I took that phrase and tweaked it to fit my message, but by using that phrase I was still relevant. It’s a small example, but I hope you get the idea.

Being relevant means taking what people know and using it to create social media posts, captions, blogs, graphics, etc. Creating that association between your brand and your audience’s lives is important. You want more likes on your Instagram pics, make your captions relevant. It catches people’s attention thus improving engagement.

Being relevant is easily said and easily done because your content inspiration surrounds you every day. Use it.

Stefani David