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Staying Creative

If you are someone that creates content of any type, I’m sure you have hit lulls in the creative flow. Times where maybe you were lacking inspiration or unable to think of anything new and innovative. Today, we have a little encouragement for you. Staying creative takes effort. Consider it part of your daily tasks. Give it the necessary attention it deserves, so you have it when you need during those creative dry times.

This idea of staying creative is about putting in the time and effort to fuel that creative mindset. People stay in shape by eating well and being active. People stay informed with current events by reading articles, watching the news, and scrolling through social media. Staying creative is what you do to get the results you want creatively.

How do I stay creative?

You study. Don’t worry, it’s not the typical study. As a creative, you are naturally drawn to certain things. Art, music, movies, nature, commercials – whatever it may be, look at more of those things more often. Increase your exposure to what interests you and introduce yourself to more of the creative arts. By doing this, you are building a creative arsenal of images, color schemes, ideas, etc. of specific things that inspire you. So, when you need to create something you aren’t starting from scratch; you have an arsenal of creative ideas stashed away to mold and manipulate into something new and innovative.

You stay creative by honing your craft.

Here’s something I do. I go to Pinterest. I type in a word like abstract or artsy and scroll through what comes up. I find all these images from all backgrounds. I take note of the lines and the shapes. I see the color schemes. I see font placement. I just look at everything. I save things I particularly like. I never use one item for inspiration because I am not copying anything or anyone. I always use a variety of images because it is merely inspiration. I always create something new. I just let those other images help me start visualizing and getting my brain into a creative mode. Once I get in the right mindset, the ideas are easy to engender.

But I am not a designer.

Me either. I am not a graphic designer or illustrator or artist or layout designer. Any of that. But as a creative person, similar things will inspire me. That was just an example of one thing I do. I also read a lot of articles over a variety of topics. I listen to music. I watch the rain or walk around a lake. All of which help me stay creative. Don’t limit your creativity. Try different things. Variety helps. It works.

Stefani David