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Is Social Media Necessary

In short, yes. Social media is where your audience is. Meeting your audience where they are in their daily lives is a valuable marketing strategy, hence why social media is an effective form of digital marketing. People are social media all day, every day. It is free marketing. We aren’t talking about boosting posts or generating ads. Posting content on your social platforms is free. Free. Free. Free. No cost. Free. Sure, as your business grows you can increase your content budget, hire people to do it for you, invest more in strategies. But for now, use your phone. Take a pic. Post it. Write a witty one liner. Wherever you’re at in your business, use what you have. Build your platforms. Invest in your brand by spending the time necessary to maintain an active presence on your social platforms.

Social media is an extension of your brand. For some, what you put on social media is all people will know. So, if you don’t have a strong social media presence – what message do you think that sends? Today, people want to see things in action. They want to see how things fit into their daily lives. They want reviews; they want to know that products or services are worth the money. Social media allows you to do that. You place your product or service in everyday scenarios and suddenly, people see the need for whatever you’re offering.

Social media allows you to build a community. This community enables businesses to engage with their audiences on a unique level. It allows your business to be relatable and authentic. These cultivated interactions with targeted audiences online creates lasting impressions and connections. Building a strong online presence is a way to foster these relationships with your audience that are game-changing. A successful and purposed social media platform, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, that is littered with creative and relevant posts helps set businesses apart from one another.

Social media is the ever-expanding platform that when utilized effectively can be pivotal for businesses. These platforms provide a way to constantly be reaching your audience. You can share news and advertise services simultaneously. Engagement online allows your audience to see the heart and intentions of your company. Guess what? If people like what is on your social media, they will share it. They will tag their friends. Now your audience is doing the work for you. Expanding your reach because they like the content. They can’t do this if there isn’t any content.

Your brand’s presence on social media goes beyond the post. Make your posts relevant. Give each post a purpose. Remind your audience who you are. Meet them where they are.

Stefani David