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Do You Have A Story

Recently, I had a conversation with a few people about storytelling. They wanted to know the key elements of storytelling from a writer’s perspective. I found this so interesting because it never really dawned on me that people may not know how to tell a story. For me, I’ve been writing stories and imagining scenarios since I was young. It is how my brain works. But that’s not the case for everyone.

Storytelling is multi-faceted when applied to the digital world. Everyone has a story to tell. Videographers, photographers, writers – all help tell people’s story. Brands also need to tell their story. Maybe you didn’t realize it, or you’ve never done it. You can start now. I strongly suggest it. Brands have to write their story and ensure the same message is displayed on all platforms. Then, they need to continue with the story through real-life stories that reveal the effects of their brand. You sell the story, you sell your products/services. Give people a reason to believe in your company.

In the end, everyone is selling something. That isn’t even a negative thing. If you approach your company with this idea, it helps create cohesive marketing strategies. Strategies that serve the main mission of the brand to produce the most advantageous results. Starbucks sells coffee. Lowe's sells home improvement merchandise. Churches sell Jesus [don’t freak it out, it’s okay]. The whole point is everyone has a service or item to market and sell to the public. That’s how the world works. Embrace it and use it to your advantage.

Stefani David