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Rethinking Your Practices

I think it is wise to rethink and update your practices for social media, email campaigns, newsletters, etc. This can be done at varying times that is dependent on your specific brand and audience.

Let’s say you have a monthly newsletter. Create your design, gather your topics, and keep it consistent for 6 months. Check engagement, check clicks and traffic, analyze business sales post newsletter. If you see a strong change, keep it up. If it is mediocre or just decent, reassess. Look at the content, communication time, effectiveness. Tailor it to fit your audience.

You should have a detailed social media strategy, and if you don’t I strongly suggest you drop everything and make this a priority. With a social media strategy, you have to try things and take chances. See what works for your brand. Let’s say one weekend, your likes are significantly high, the shares are high, and the comment section is blowing up then the next weekend everything is “back to normal”. This means traffic isn’t insanely high; it is just on track with what your brand normally brings in or expects. Rethink your practices. What worked that weekend when engagement is high? Maybe your captions were clever over generic. Maybe the pictures and graphics were stronger. It wouldn’t be wise to just say, “wow, good weekend.” It would be wise to see what you did right and use it as the model going forward.

Let’s say your company sends weekly emails which is great because email isn’t dead. The time at which these emails are sent is vital. The campaign won’t be as successful if you are hitting inboxes at the wrong time. Deciding the opportune time to send emails may take some practice. You can research best practices for the generic market. You can utilize MailChimp or Constant Contact’s reporting on your audience to see engagement levels. However, it may be trial and error in the beginning.

Recently, a company we work with started testing email times. The weekly email campaigns were at a consistent engagement rate, but we felt it could be significantly higher. We did two tests based on research. We did an evening run early in the week, and we did a mid-morning run later in the week. The difference was drastic, jaw dropingly drastic. The engagement within the first 18 hours was higher than the 7 days of engagement of the previous email. It isn’t that the time the emails was sent wasn’t working. It’s just that something may work better. Good thing we rethought our practice.

This is all dependent on your brand, your audience, your goals. But look at everything all the time. Rethink what is working and what isn’t. Try new things and update your practices to fit what’s current. What works or once worked won’t always be the best decision. It is important to create the most opportune situations and that comes from rethinking practices.

Stefani David