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Don't Cut Corners

Today, I had the privilege of being on a video shoot for a project. It was with two not-for-profit organizations, and they were joining their efforts for a global cause. It was a wonderful experience to see organizations work together for the greater good of our world. However, it also got me thinking. These two companies in particular I have been able to work with in great lengths. They have never sacrificed quality for a deadline. If they can’t produce the content the right way in the amount of time given, they don’t do it. Every video, script, post, article, story is developed in depth and executed with excellence. No shortcuts. No last-minute overhaul changes. They vet every aspect of each project. They work on the story, break it down, rewrite it, scratch it, and start over until it perfected. For these organizations, the story behind each project is everything. They don’t want to run the risk of missing the opportunity to help someone by cutting a corner. The story is the project, so the idea of rushing production in any sense is sacrificing the power behind the story. These organizations aren’t willing to do that. It just isn’t worth it. I love this mentality. It is a deep commitment to create quality content with true excellence.

I think this is a lesson for all of us. In an effort to meet deadlines, standards, quotas, etc., we also take unnecessary shortcuts. This lowers the quality of our work. By succumbing to the outside pressures, the principle behind why organizations do what they do is pushed aside in order to make things happen essentially. Paying attention to the details and giving each part of the process the full attention it needs is how we make sure every element is done to the best of our abilities each time. That means if something isn’t right, you do what you need to do to make it right. It takes a lot of time to check everything. But it says way more about an organization when they are committed to doing it the right way, every time, no matter what. Take the extra steps. Follow the process. Stick to the systems you have set in place. Maybe you aren’t producing content at an insane right, but everything you put out is worthy of it. In time, processes will get faster. There will be more people to help. But if everything your organization puts out meets the standards you have set in place, the brand as a whole is sending a better message.

When companies first start, the details matter. They are trying to build a relationship with their audience, so they want each asset to be the best they can. This fades as timeless shorten and demand grows. Yet, the organizations I worked with today haven’t lost sight of the reason why they are even here. They pay attention to the “little things”. In fact, my job with them was to solely maintain the storyline. I was there to ensure that the story was being told in the best way possible, and that every element was helping to tell the story in an authentic, honest way. These organizations brought me on because in an effort to produce quality, they knew that they needed someone to pay attention to the story, so they could share it with the world in the most amazing way possible.

Remember why your organization does what it does. Don’t forget it. Don’t sacrifice to meet outside pressures. Take the measures necessary to ensure quality in every aspect of your projects, every time. Commit to excellence and your brand will be better for it.  

Stefani David