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Build in Moments that Spur Creativity

This week I had the pleasure of being onsite with a few clients in other states. For some reason whenever I go out of town, I find the time to get outside and enjoy the scenery of a new place. Usually, I end up on a hike or near the water, somewhere outside taking in all that nature has to offer. It’s odd because I don’t find myself doing that too much when I am home. Aside from walking my dogs, I am not out near the water or exploring new cities or the landscape of Texas. However, I need to do this more. I always walk away refreshed, inspired, and motivated.

The silence and solitude has spurred my creativity.

That’s exactly how I feel every time I leave an adventure in nature. Being outside, away from technology, away from the pressures of work and people, away from responsibility per se, and just living in the moment. Taking in the views and really enjoying my time reenergizes me. I leave feeling like I could write 3 novels easily without even needing a break. Obviously, this is hyperbolic because it’s not possible. But, you get what I am saying.

The point of this explanation is to encourage you. Build in those moments that spur creativity. Maybe you don’t consider yourself creative. Not everybody is creative in the traditional sense, but everybody finds inspiration somewhere. Maybe it’s different for you than me. Maybe you hate nature. I wouldn’t knock it until you try it. I am talking about building moments in your life that create lasting inspiration. Music, movies, etc. are inspiring and can help, but this is about an experience. An experience that completely rejuvenates your senses. An experience that’s transformative. It doesn’t have to be long, but it is necessary. 4-5 hours outside did more than I can explain for me.

So, make sure to build in those experiences that spur creativity for you. You’ll do your job better; you’ll perform your tasks better. You’ll be more enjoyable to be around. Those moments can create a ripple effect of change within your life. They are worthy of your time.

Stefani David