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Takeaway from Mark's F8 Keynote

Photo by Justin Sullivan

Photo by Justin Sullivan

On Tuesday, May 1, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg gave the keynote presentation at the annual F8 developer conference. You can watch a 15 minute version here.

I came away with one very important takeaway.

As of Q4 2017, Facebook has 2.2 billion active users. How each of those users interact with Facebook and with each other is going to change. It won't be a sudden change. The new Groups tab and "dating" product are examples of how Facebook intends to get "smaller".

I've long believed that the future of social media lies in the smaller, more private groups of friends. As I look in my everyday life, I see small groups of people that I interact with. I have a group for work, a group of close friends, a group I golf with, a car guy/gal group, a group at church - and I could go on.

Emphasis on the news feed as the main conduit for interaction will diminish as Facebook introduces more tools to help us connect in smaller, more meaningful ways. Lest we forget Facebook's updated mission statement: Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

Rob David