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Assessing Efforts

In any marketing effort, it’s important to constantly assess your efforts. Is it working? Does something need to change? Can you do something differently? Is there a better way? There are numerous questions you could ask. Of course, there is always a better way if you have the budget; however, budgets cause restrictions which is okay. It is still pivotal to the growth and success of your brand to always assess your efforts. Ask those questions. Look at what you’re doing and look at the results you’re getting. If the two aren’t lining up or aren’t coinciding to produce the desired results, you need to know that. The only way to know that is by looking at your efforts, look at the numbers, do trials and tests, figure out what’s working.

For example, let’s say you are doing email marketing. Have you tried A/B testing? Have you just been trying different send times? Are you playing around with subject lines? If not, then you haven’t been assessing your efforts. You haven’t been analyzing your marketing strategies to ensure that you are getting the desired results. In this case, that can change. Don’t waste your time or your budget on things that aren’t working.

Take the time to look at what you’re doing. Maybe you need to analyze your social posts. Implement a new schedule to build engagement. Sometimes it will take trial and error which is okay that’s part of the process. However, if you just stay doing the same thing because the results are decent then you are doing your brand a disservice. Society changes, so the way to reach society also changes – constantly. Work with your teams to evolve your methods with the evolving times.

Stefani David