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Different Approach

Business changes daily; therefore, the way we do business needs to change. We have to be willing to evolve and adjust and accommodate the changing landscape of business. It’s important to figure out what works best for your market and your clientele. Each market is different; each client is different; each project is different. Whether you’re taking on new clients or maintaining current clients, here’s an approach that you should try to implement. Maybe, you have done it. Maybe, it’s obvious. However, it seems that often times this concept is overlooked.

Your company has to provide an upfront value to whomever you work with or hope to work with. Show them what you have to offer before they ask you. Give them some free tokens of knowledge or tools before they ask for the proposal. By doing so, you reveal your value. You have given them these intangible snippets of wisdom or insight that they have been pining after. It’s like finding unexpected treasure. They didn’t know they needed it. They didn’t know they wanted it. They couldn’t have even described it to you. But, when they hear it they realize. It’s an epiphany for people. They walk away realizing that this was everything they were needing, and they don’t want to miss out on it. This is why it is worth the “free” work at first. By showing the client what they need, you have then positioned your company to fill that need. You have revealed what you’re able to do for the client. The client now has some answers, and they correlate that potential improvement with you because you showed them the need.

When talking to clients or potential clients, try this different approach. Reveal your value with a few free tokens of guidance. Just try it. See if it makes a difference. It definitely won’t hurt.

Stefani David