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Hire Someone

Stop doing it all yourself. Hire people. You can’t do it all. Sure, it saves money. However, the people you do have or even if it’s just you are going to be entirely drained emotional, physically, and mentally. This means innovation will be down; motivation will be down; work ethic will be down.

There are things you can’t do. Maybe you have a team of a bunch of idea people. Meetings are full of great ideas and really innovative concepts. However, you leave the meeting, and nothing gets done. That’s okay. You need to hire executers. You need people that can take those ideas and drive them to completion. You don’t necessarily have to change your ways. Operate in what you’re good at and hire other people to do what you can’t. That’s smart business.

Do what you can. Hire high-level people to do what they can. Rest and repeat the next day.

Stefani David