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Seeking Out New Challenges

Take the following as an encouragement and apply it to your daily life. I encourage each of you to embrace new challenges. In business, we face obstacles and opposition. We have to try something out of our comfort zone or normal strategy to stay ahead and innovate. Challenges are inevitable. However, I am talking about embracing a different type of challenge. A challenge that you seek out merely for personal growth.

Recently, I was working with a team and one of the members was acting very out of the ordinary. An extreme amount of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm was oozing from this person. It’s was like a kid in awe inside a candy store the first time ever. It was this genuine drive to create and burst of passion. It was fresh and seemed unstoppable. It changed the atmosphere of the room, and it really made me think. Naturally, I had a conversation with the person and asked questions to know more. When it came down to it, it was because that person was doing something different than normal. This person was doing something that provided a new challenge within the same working atmosphere where that person normally excelled. There’s something about challenging yourself that changes things.

I encourage you to challenge yourself. It can be within the same field that you are already in; it can be totally different. That’s up to you. But take the time to find something you don’t know but could potentially enjoy and learn it. Try it out. The challenge works the brain differently. It gets you out of the mundane tasks of your normal job where you already excel. It gives you a mental break from normalcy and stimulates the growth you need. You are trying something new. You are developing skills. You are learning again. You are finding success in a different way. It’s incredible what it does for your soul, for your work, for yourself. Don’t despise the benefits of learning.

Go out and challenge yourself. You crave it despite what you think.

Stefani David