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My passion growing up aside from writing was teaching. I had a chalkboard wall in my room where I would pretend to teach. I remember asking my teachers for their old transparencies and Vis-à-vis markers, so I could use them when I was teaching at home. I thought I was just playing and never really thought too much into it until college. I majored in English and wanted to be a writer. Eventually, I connected the playing when I was growing up to a passion for teaching. I ended up teaching High School English for three years before I pursued a career in writing full-time. However, I always have missed teaching.

The other night I had the privilege of teaching a workshop about writing to adults. It reminded me of my passion. It sparked a fire in me. I loved every minute of it. I prepped a lesson plan, a presentation, and a workshop style activity. It was honestly amazing for my creativity and soul. However, I didn’t take this moment lightly. I reflected on why I loved it, why I was so motivated, why I was so inspired. That’s the important thing to do in these situations. When you get a rush of emotions and adrenaline, you need to understand why. Figure out the root, so you can best move forward.

This opportunity reminded me that teaching is one of my passions. In order for me to function at my best, I think I need to be working in my passions. I believe that is true for everyone. So, find your passions. Find a way to feed those passions. Maybe it has be to a hobby, maybe it is your career, maybe it will never be something that you can earn compensation for – so what. I know it seems like you may not have enough time. You may not be able to fit it into your schedule. I am a true believer that you have time for what you make time for. Feeding your passions does more for you than watching a TV show or than overworking. It helps you find happiness and joy. It stimulates your brain; it gives you purpose. It’s extremely important for your well-being and for your success in other areas of your life.

Give it a try. Find your passion. Make time for it and feed it.

Stefani David