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Data For Days


I’ve been in “digital marketing” since 2004. Back then, our expertise centered around Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click marketing. Search marketing was a big shift from traditional channels because of the data after deployment.

When you send a direct mail piece, you know how many pieces you sent out, but you don’t know how many were seen, opened, etc.

With search, we are able to see important data like impressions and click-through rates. We would use this info to tweak our copy, placement, and spend. We would take spend from low performing ads and allocate it to higher performing ads.

Today’s digital landscape has greatly matured. There are tons of metrics that can be measured on websites, search, social, and email. You need to use these metrics to make better decisions. Different metrics matter to different organizations. A non-profit will put weight in one set of metrics while a retailer will put weight in another.

This graphic is a sample of metrics for a client we have. The blue graphs are for Facebook and red are for Instagram. Information like this is not the final authority but serves as an important data point in making posting decisions.

Make sure data analysis is part of your deploy-review-redeploy process.

Rob David