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Who was Amazon before Amazon?


I contend, it was Sears, Roebuck and Company (aka Sears).

I grew up in Chicago. I remember going to the mall and walking through Sears with my parents. My dad swore by Craftsman tools. My mom had a similar feeling for Kenmore appliances. Sears was a big deal!

I remember most every time we had relatives visit us we took them to the tallest building in the world at the time, the Sears Tower. Even when we moved to Houston in 1981 Sears was still the go-to place for my parents.

Then things changed. More competition and a new distribution channel. Mail-order and walk-up retail were losing traction to, the internet.

I talk to a lot of real estate pros who are content with their current marketing plans because they are working. Agents are top producers with their current plans. They give a nod to digital because the know they should.

The real estate market in Houston had a record 2018. A rising tide lifts all boats. What happens when the tide begins go to out? I contend it’s the agents who invest in learning and executing on digital that will continue to succeed.

Don’t be like Sears, have a digital plan in place.

Rob David