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Record Breaking 2018 for the Houston Housing Market


By all accounts the real estate market in the Houston area is doing great, and that means many agents are doing great. There’s an old saying… a rising tide lifts all boats.

What happens when the tide falls? That’s where your efforts during the rising tide will pay off.

What should those efforts be? Good question!

You likely have the traditional marketing channels covered (print, ads, open houses, referral network, etc). Do you have the internet covered? I mean really covered?

As a financial advisor from 1996-2004 I saw the birth of the “consumer” internet. Look what the internet has done to that industry. Look what the internet has done to shopping (Amazon), taxis and limos (Uber), the phone book (Google), and even in your industry (Zillow).

What can you do?

Use the internet to your advantage and build your personal brand NOW. It’s an investment you can chose to make today, or, one you’ll be forced to make down the road.

If you do it now, you’ll be better at it once everyone else makes the shift. Being better means you’ll capitalize more.

About 1 out of 100 will take this advice to heart. They are the ones who will win when the tide falls.

Source:  HAR

Source: HAR

Rob David