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Pressure Produces Diamonds

Credit: Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia

I was having a conversation with someone this past week, and they used this phrase.

“You know, I’ve heard it before. But for some reason, this time there was something different about it.”

It resonated with me. It stuck. The things we go through produce something. They have an outcome. The pressure, stress, frustration – it’s shaping us. It has the power to produce something whether or not we want it to. We have the choice and the opportunity to guide that outcome. We can let it destroy us or taint us and our outlook, or we can use it to create a better version of ourselves.

Why does this phrase matter? Diamonds can be considered one of the most coveted and sought-after rocks. If we understand the imagery behind the phrase, we can use it to motivate us. The pressure a diamond undergoes to even become a diamond is insane. However, from the pressure comes a beautiful, expensive, and desired rock. In our lives, we will experience endless levels of pressure. Let’s allow that pressure to produce diamonds. Understand and address the pressure but then don’t let it break you. It is a choice. The pressure is producing more than you think. It isn’t just about the deadline or the product or the expectation. The pressure you are experiencing is shaping something within you. It’s teaching you endurance and patience. You’re learning new strategies and solutions to accomplishing tasks. You’re discovering ways to work smarter.

So, the next time you feel a lot of pressure from your supervisors or clients or whomever, address the pressure and decide how you want to handle it. Be thankful that you get the opportunity to grow and be better.

Stefani David