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Do What Works

This past week, we had the opportunity to speak to the next generation about effective communication. In this, we were able to open the floor to questions. I think Q&A is such an effective way to gauge what people know and don’t know. It also provides an authentic way to see how people think and their perceptions.

For example, one of the questions was asking which program is best for scheduling for social media. This was intriguing to me because I think often times, we search for what is considered “best” or “most effective” and in reality, it isn’t about what is best. It’s about finding out what works for you and your teams and then doing that. A program may work really well for someone in their environment, but that doesn’t mean it works for your team. I suggested that people should do whatever is best for them. For example, one my clients used Evernote. They map out 2 weeks to a month at a time and color code responsibilities. They have a small team; it works for them. They don’t necessarily need all the fancy features of the other programs. For some people with multiple platforms and a large team, they need something like CoSchedule or Sprout Social. However, it doesn’t make one better than the other.

In everything you do, don’t die to the comparison. Do your research, know your team, and whatever decision you make go with it. Don’t feel the pressure to have to use a mainstream system. If it doesn’t work for you, you’re actually just creating more work for yourself and your team in the process.

In the end, the best way to optimize results is to do what works for you, your team, and your work flow. It doesn’t matter if it works for someone else; you have to be specific to your setup. Also, why have a program that you aren’t even using all of the capabilities? Do what works. That’s it. If it doesn’t work, then switch it up.

Start simple. Stay simple.

Stefani David