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Record Breaking 2018 for the Houston Housing Market

By all accounts the real estate market in the Houston area is doing great, and that means many agents are doing great. There’s an old saying… a rising tide lifts all boats.

What happens when the tide falls? That’s where your efforts during the rising tide will pay off.

What should those efforts be? Good question!

You likely have the traditional marketing channels covered (print, ads, open houses, referral network, etc). Do you have the internet covered? I mean really covered?

As a financial advisor from 1996-2004 I saw the birth of the “consumer” internet. Look what the internet has done to that industry. Look what the internet has done to shopping (Amazon), taxis and limos (Uber), the phone book (Google), and even in your industry (Zillow).

What can you do?

Use the internet to your advantage and build your personal brand NOW. It’s an investment you can chose to make today, or, one you’ll be forced to make down the road.

If you do it now, you’ll be better at it once everyone else makes the shift. Being better means you’ll capitalize more.

About 1 out of 100 will take this advice to heart. They are the ones who will win when the tide falls.

Source:  HAR

Source: HAR

Rob David
Who was Amazon before Amazon?

I contend, it was Sears, Roebuck and Company (aka Sears).

I grew up in Chicago. I remember going to the mall and walking through Sears with my parents. My dad swore by Craftsman tools. My mom had a similar feeling for Kenmore appliances. Sears was a big deal!

I remember most every time we had relatives visit us we took them to the tallest building in the world at the time, the Sears Tower. Even when we moved to Houston in 1981 Sears was still the go-to place for my parents.

Then things changed. More competition and a new distribution channel. Mail-order and walk-up retail were losing traction to, the internet.

I talk to a lot of real estate pros who are content with their current marketing plans because they are working. Agents are top producers with their current plans. They give a nod to digital because the know they should.

The real estate market in Houston had a record 2018. A rising tide lifts all boats. What happens when the tide begins go to out? I contend it’s the agents who invest in learning and executing on digital that will continue to succeed.

Don’t be like Sears, have a digital plan in place.

Rob David
Lean In To What You Love

Recently, I had the opportunity to do a little more of the work that I originally started my career doing: editing. With my clients, I edit; however, it’s shifted a little bit because I am also a part of the writing process. So, the opportunity to come in and take a piece of drafted work that hadn’t been edited and transform it was exciting.

It sparked something in me and helped me to realize the importance of fueling the things you are good at doing. There was so much fulfillment stemming from editing a few paragraphs. I felt rejuvenated and alive again. It seems dramatic but try to think about it. Think about the elements of work you really love. Keep those on your list of things to do. It will help keep you creative, motivated, and encouraged by your work. In fact, it made me insanely more productive because I felt accomplished doing the things I love.

No matter what job you are at or where you are in your career, you have to find what you love to do and what you enjoy. Seek a career that allows that. Look at what you are good at skill wise and have your career stem from that. If you aren’t good at it, you won’t enjoy doing it. If you don’t feel successful, you won’t want to try. You are setting yourself up to fail by not allowing your innate talents to be the driving force of your work.

Give it a try and see what happens.

Stefani David
Time To Review Your Strategy And Tactics

Happy 2019!

The turn of a new calendar year is a time where so many of us look at the "year in review" and look forward to what we want to do different.

This is especially true with respect to digital marketing. Why? Your strategy and tactics must the aligned. Because of the nature of digital platforms, your tactics may have been spot on last month and falling short this month.

I spend more time than ever reading and engaged with thought leaders to be sure my advice is both for today, and tomorrow, to take advantage of current trends and begin to implement tactics to take advantage of future ones.

If you haven't done so already, take a look at the your 2018 Q4 tactics and results. What worked and what did not. Use that as the foundation for what you plan to do this quarter.

Don't know where to start? Shoot me an email and I'll give you a few suggestions.

Rob David
Instagram Storytelling Made Easier

Instagram stories are a great way to interact with your followers and they just got a little better.

Story clips are limited to 15 seconds each. If you choose to record from inside the Instagram app, then you are still limited to 15 seconds. If you choose to use import a video, then you’ve got a great new feature.

The image on the left is a screen grab of my phone. I’m in the story creation screen of Instagram and decided to use a meme video I created and saved to my phone’s camera roll. This video is 28 seconds in length. You can see in the bottom left of the image that there are two video clips. Instagram has automatically cut the large clip into smaller clips, 15 and 13 seconds respectively.

Prior to this feature I used an app called “Cut Story”. This is a great addition to the native Instagram app.

Have fun with the new stories feature!

Rob David