on your mark...

Hi there! I am really excited you’re here. As I approached half a century of life, I realized that there was so much life left to live. My kids were grown, so that chapter was ending, but I knew there was more for me. I knew God wasn’t done with me. As someone who has been there, I hope sharing my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned along the way will help you right where you are.

From navigating teenage motherhood to embracing the new adventures of an empty nest, I'm sharing lessons learned along life's marathon.

get SET...

For good people when bad things happen.

For people who thought they did it right.

For moms whose identity is their children.

For a wife whose identity is their husband.

For people whose life hasn’t gone as planned.

For those of us that thought we did it right, for those of us that are figuring it out, for you, for me. This is for all of us. 


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